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PharmaVOICE - June 2021 Edition


PharmaVOICE Magazine 's June edition highlights many articles related to the Clinical Trial arena. Feel free to click on the button below to read them in our online format.


On the Cover

  • Interest in Clinical Trials Increases Amid Pandemic

Showcase Articles

  • Clinical Trial Solutions: The Changing Face of Clinical Trial Solutions

  • ACM Global Laboratories - Meeting the Demands of Today to Create the Treatments of Tomorrow

  • Advanced Clinical - Lessons Learned from COVID-19

  • Clinical Ink - The Benefits of Flexible, Decentralized Trial Designs — And How to Make Them Happen

  • Datacubed Health - Seven Secrets to Patient Experience Breakthroughs

  • ERT - Decentralization of Clinical Trials: Taking Into Account All Stakeholder Perspectives

  • IQVIA - Data-Driven Outreach Drives Rapid Recruiting

  • Javara, Inc. - Widening the Lens: From Patient Engagement to Community Engagement

  • Saama Technologies - AI in Clinical Trials: An Incredible Voyage

  • Shimmer Research Inc. - Fulfilling the Promise of Wearables in Clinical Trials

  • Syneos Health - Decentralized Trials: Moving Beyond One-Size-Fits-All

  • THREAD Research - The Financial Benefits of Incorporating Decentralized Clinical Trial (DCT) Approaches

Feature Articles

  • Collaborations Across the Ecosystem

  • Marketing to Zoomers

  • A Public Crisis — Health Inequity

  • Commanders & Chiefs: Chief Medical Officers

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